Retrieving lost Password from your browser

It is sometimes difficult to remember lost password especially when you don’t know there are already mechanisms in place to retrieve your lost password from your browser. I will show in this article, simple ways to retrieve your lost password from your PC or mobile devices.

The increase in social media and different online accounts has led to us having more than one password for different accounts. This is especially so because we are scared to use a single password for several account because of the fear of being hacked.

The use of multiple passwords has its own disadvantage as we can easily forget any of these passwords anytime.

If you have been saving your password in your browsers, the good news is that you can get your password back without necessarily clicking the “forgot password button”. I will be putting the steps you need to take on Chrome and Firefox browsers. I will also show you how these can be done on your mobile devices.

Chrome on PCs

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Click on the “customize and control” icon on the top right side
  3. Click on settings
  4. Click on password
  5. Look for the website and username you want to check its password
  6. Click on the show password icon
  7. Enter your pc password
Chrome homepage
Click on the visibility icon

The process is basically the same on a mobile device as the interface for both Pc and mobile browser are the same

Mozilla Firefox on PCs

You can also retrieve your lost or forgotten password from a Mozilla Firefox browser just as you would from a Chrome browser. The steps to follow are even simpler, especially if you making use of an updated browser.

The steps have been given below with some pictures to guide.

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser on your pc and clicked on the menu button highlighted below
  2. From the window that opens, look for the “options” button and click on it. This should take you a new window as shown below
  3. From the new window, select the “Security” option and click on saved logins
  4. You will also be requested to enter your PC’s password before you will be able to view any of the saved passwords

This process is the same for more recent versions of Firefox browsers as well as older versions. The interface and the words used might be a little bit different though.

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