How to set up fingerprint lock on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp has finally included the fingerprint lock feature to its Android version. This biometric feature for android is coming months after WhatsApp added touch ID and face ID features for her iOS users to provide extra security for chats on WhatsApp.

Announcing this on their blog, the popular multimillion instant messaging app company said Android users can now start enjoying the extra security feature. With this biometric lock feature, chats, notifications and other features can now be protected by using the same fingerprint used for screen lock on your Android device once it is set up. You also have the option of customizing the duration for the unlock for either 1 minute, 30 minutes or immediately the app is minimized.

Requirements for the fingerprint lock feature on Android

First, ensure you are having the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone. You can update it on the Playstore.

Your phone must also support the fingerprint scanner feature

You must have set up a fingerprint for your phone for screen lock

Setting Up the fingerprint lock feature

This feature is very easy to set up and I will work you through it straight away.

Now that you have the current version of WhatsApp installed on your Android device, do the following:

Open/launch the app

Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the app then tap on settings

Three dots

Select Account

Tap on “privacy” and scroll down where you will see the option for Fingerprint lock

set fingerprint lock

Select this and enable the “unlock with fingerprint” option

Unlock with fingerprint

Touch the fingerprint sensor to confirm the fingerprint you will be using.

Select the unlock duration and you are done.

Now minimize or close WhatsApp and you will be demanded to verify with your fingerprint.

Qualified Phones

This biometric feature is available for all Android users with physical fingerprint scanners as well as in-display scanners. Face ID is supported for iPhone. Android phones without a fingerprint scanner are however exempted from this feature.

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